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Ain Umm Sujoor

Ain Umm Sujoor
Ain Umm Sujoor is located in Bahrain
Ain Umm Sujoor
Ain Umm Sujoor
Location in Bahrain
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The Ain Umm Sujoor (Arabic: ? ?) is an archaeological site located in the village of Diraz, Bahrain. It comprises an oval, approximately 60x30 meters hollow with two wells, several rooms and ovens. The water wells date back to 3rd millennium BCE to the Dilmun period; rooms and ovens, located on the southern side of the wells, are believed to be later additions. The well on the north is called holy well, or water temple, which is named after discovering that a part of the structure was used to show peoples’ gratitude to their Gods for water. The wells and the pool is believed to be a later addition.

The site has been excavated by the Danish and Japanese expeditions.

Archaeological remains
Restored remains of the well

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