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Chaoyang Park

Chaoyang Park
Chaoyang Park
Type public park
Location Chaoyang District, Beijing
Coordinates view on map
Area 288.7 hectares
Created 1984
Open All year

Chaoyang Park (Chinese: ?; pinyin: Cháoyáng Gongyuán) is a park located on the site of the former Prince's Palace in Beijing's Chaoyang District.


The park's construction began in 1984 and it became Beijing's largest park.[citation needed] It is approximately 2.8 km in length and approximately 1.5 km in width. It has a total area of 288.7 hectares, and a water surface area of 68.2 hectares. The majority of land in the park is used as green space.

It features flower gardens, fairground with rides, including a roller coaster, landscaped areas and several large swimming pools. Bicycles and boats may also be hired at various locations in the park.

The Beijing Great Wheel, a 208 m (682 ft) tall giant Ferris wheel, was to have been constructed at Chaoyang Park, but went into receivership in 2010.

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