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Chinese Aviation Museum

Chinese Aviation Museum
China Aviation Museum Logo.jpg
Established 1989
Location Datangshan, Beijing, China
Type Aviation museum
The main building of Chinese Aviation Museum
Visitors in civil aviation area, 1st floor of Chinese Aviation Museum
Rocket artillery at outdoor area
The underground bunker system
Chinese-built S-75 Dvina missiles, with the Chinese designation HQ-2 are displayed at the museum.
Uniforms of the Republic of China Air Force Display at Aviation Museum

The Chinese Aviation Museum (simplified Chinese: ?; traditional Chinese: ?; pinyin: Zhongguó Hángkong Bówùguan), sometimes referred to as the China Aviation Museum and the Datangshan Aviation Museum (due to its location adjacent to the mountain of the same name), is an Aviation museum close to Beijing in China. The museum was first opened to the public on 11 November 1989, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army Air Force.

The museum is located 40 km (25 mi) north of Beijing city.

Part of the museum is located inside a cave in the side of Datangshan Mountain. The cavern was originally part of the tunnels and underground bunker system of Shahezhen Airbase, and is 586 metres (1,905 ft) long by 11 metres (36 ft) high by 40 metres (130 ft) wide. The road leading to the museum is actually also used as a taxiway between the base and bunker system.

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