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Lu Xun Park (Shanghai)

Lu Xun Park
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Location Shanghai
Public transit access Hongkou Football Stadium Station
Lu Xun Park
Simplified Chinese ?
Traditional Chinese ?
Hongkou Park
Simplified Chinese ?
Traditional Chinese ?

Lu Xun Park, formerly Hongkou Park, is a municipal park in Hongkou District of Shanghai, the People's Republic of China. It is located on 146 East Jiangwan Road, right behind Hongkou Football Stadium. It is bounded by Guangzhong Road to the north, Ouyang Road to the northeast, Tian'ai Road to the southeast, Tian'ai Branch Road to the south, and East Jiangwan Road to the west. The park is named after the Chinese writer Lu Xun, who lived nearby in the last years of his life, and is buried in the park. In 1932, Korean nationalist Yun Bong-gil detonated a bomb at the park, killing or injuring several high-ranking figures of the Imperial Japanese military during a celebration of Emperor Hirohito's birthday.

Lu Xun Park is just north of Duolun Road, a historic street that is now a car-free zone. It is also located near Lu Xun's former residence, a three-story Japanese-style home where the author lived from 1933 until his death in 1936.

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