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Witu Forest

Map of Witu Forest, Lamu District, Kenya

The Witu Forest, is a protected area in Lamu District, Kenya, East Africa. It was formed in 1927 by combining the Utwani Forest Reserve with the adjacent Gongoni Forest Reserve, although the previous names remained in use. The independent Kenyan government confirmed the reservation, gazetting the forest in 1962, with 701 hectares (1,732 acres) more gazetted in 2002. The forest covers 4,639 hectares (11,463 acres) of gazetted land, with approximately 900 hectares (2,224 acres) of additional un gazetted, but enclosed, forest. The adjacent Mungajini Forest on the Nairobi Ranch contains approximately 1,100 hectares (2,718 acres). As of 2007, there was no management plan for the forest, although it is to be managed under the Forests Act, 2005, by the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) which replaced the prior Forest Department in 2005.

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